She welcomed the energy infusion…

She welcomed the energy infusion…

Audio Version: Please close your eyes and listen with the ears of your heart!
Mother Earth, I would be honored to offer you the essential life energy that naturally resides within me. May I do so now?” My Sacred Space grew silent, and in the depths of the silence I heard the sweet sounds of oceanic waters. The rhythm of the waves seemed to call to me, and with each breath that I took an alignment with the pulse of the Earth seemed to transpire. I felt in unison with this magnificent Life Being. Her embrace erased my doubts and I knew, without knowing how I really knew, that she welcomed the energy infusion. And I complied. I envisioned the positive energy residing within me passing through my body and spreading throughout her beautiful oceanic waters. In my mind’s eyes, the Earth’s fluids sparkled with delight. The moment was one I will never forget.
We eventually separated; she retreated back to her realm and I to mine, but the Oneness that was felt when we merged together still remains within me. And as I drifted to sleep, once again the song of the ocean was heard, and from deep within the rhythmic melody, gratitude was expressed.


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