Sometimes, I Ponder…

Sometimes, I Ponder…

November 5, 2016

Audio version for those who prefer to listen with the Ears of the Heart!


Often I ponder about what was, and about what will be, and during these moments, I feel a strong sense of longing and anticipation. I long to be with those of old, for the memories of those most dear remain within me, but the faces are long since past.

I carry them in my heart, and often recall their faces from the library in my mind, but the faces are gone. And yet, they are not. They live within my heart and are carried with me wherever I go, and thus…the past which frequently calls to me is actually with me, in whatever present moment I find mySelf existing in.

On other occasions, I ponder about the future and about what will be and I imagine what it might be like in the days ahead.  And then I calm mySelf…by remembering the ones of old will be there in the future as well.

In different shapes and forms, with different faces and inclinations, but they will be there, and we will unite again to enjoy new experiences and to create new memories. And then my heart is full again for I remember what was will be again.  Sweet partings will become new invitations from which new experiences will be had and new memories will be fostered.

And the times that were, will become the time that is, as life carries us forward on our everlasting journey to explore all there is to know about All That Is.


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