The Act of Preparation…

The Act of Preparation…

March 23, 2021


“I marveled at myself as I went about nestling into the small studio apartment attempting to make it into my own sacred space. The laptop and all its necessities were located in a suitable place, as were the tools of my journey. The Tibetan bell, which always accompanies me, was carefully placed on the selected end table. Also situated on this chosen table was The Journal, commonly referred to as the Keeper of All Things Notable. The Favorite Pen used only for entries in The Journal was perfectly placed on the diagonal of the precious book’s surface. And of course, a tea candle was strategically placed to complete the setting.

I must admit that I truly enjoy these acts of preparation. It makes me feel that I am welcoming Old Friends into my present life. Perhaps, this sounds a bit fanciful, but whether it is or not, the ceremonial activity brings me great pleasure, and that in itself makes it helpful. Because I am one who believes in the appearances of unusual experiences, I feel a strong sense of responsibility for creating a setting that is comfortable for my guests. I wish to honor them for the efforts they have contributed to the occasion.”

Excerpt from: Seeking Our Humanity

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