The Place Within Me…

The Place Within Me…

Often my thoughts take me to places and I willingly go along with these adventures, but there are times when my thoughts must be laid aside for an experience that offers more significance.
On these occasions, I prefer to visit another place. A place where answers are often found to questions that were yet to be asked. A place where comfort is provided, before the need was even recognized. A place that feels like Home, in a way that no other home as felt.
Too often, I rely upon my thoughts to take me places so I can avoid where I am, only to find that where I am is actually where I need to be.
Here within me is the place I truly need to be. This place within me, that always welcomes me, embraces me, and reminds me who I really am. This is where I need my thoughts to take me.
How I wish my thoughts would hear my request. Please make this place, this place within me, the first destination of our adventures.


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