Today is a day to count one’s blessings

Today is a day to count one’s blessings

March 20, 2020

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Good Morning, Dear Ones,
Today is a day to count one’s blessings. Even during these unusual times of great concern and worriment, there are reasons to be hopeful. Although it may be difficult to distract oneself from the fearful news that inundates us, this is a time to be disciplined about our choices. Rather than starting the day with the headlines that throw us into fearful places, perhaps it would be a better choice to make a list of everything for which we are grateful at this very moment.
Think of your friends and your loved ones! These Dear Ones might be at the top of your list of blessings. Make a list of these special people in your life and remember favorite encounters shared with them. Another choice might be to spend some quality time with a beloved pet that brings you joy and delight. Unconditional love is exceptionally good medicine at a time like this.
And what about this unusual free time that you may be experiencing as you practice social distancing? What wondrous ways might you participate in life? Each of us will have our own answers to this question, and it may be an act of generosity to share our ideas with others. This is a time for connection from the heart. So as we pause, and consider our own personal blessings, maybe we could share these blessings with another. Sometimes, we need gentle reminders that our lives are rich with opportunities. When we open our hearts to activities and people that are founded in goodness and peaceful intentions our attitudes change and the day is filled with even more blessings. So let’s make better choices! Let’s choose to revel in the beauty of our lives and share that goodness with others!
In peace be, Dear Friends.

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