We are here, and we are ready to assist…

We are here, and we are ready to assist…

“You are not alone! What you have seen is a truth limited only by your human vision. Please trust that the legions ready to assist the Earth are far more expansive than you witnessed. We are here and we are ready to assist; however, our assistance can only be utilized if the people of Earth choose to help themselves. They must choose to change their disrespectful ways. They must choose to accept everyone rather than promoting the needs of a few. Existence does not tolerate the order of judgment and exclusion. Existence does not affirm actions of meanness and cruelty. These are traits unbecoming to the highest good of everyone in existence.”

Seeking Our Humanity


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Communiques received from within are an essential element of The Center's purpose. Bringing these messages forward is intended to facilitate peaceful transitions throughout all walks of life. Please frequent our site for new additions.

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