You are of the future, you are of the past, and you are of the present. This is a Truth, but it is a limited perspective!

The Story

Welcome to a work in progress! Since its conception in 2001, The Center for Peaceful Transitions continues to “transition” as clarity of purpose evolves.

The journey began when a house serendipitously transitioned into a peaceful sanctuary that fostered the creation of art, heartfelt connection, and the expansion of mind, body, and soul. From this wellspring of creative energy, the setting naturally became an ideal home for a therapeutic practice. As wonderful clients addressed their transitional issues, so too did I, and eventually, I accepted a calling of a much deeper nature.

The Center then morphed from a specific location to a Place Within The Heart, which allowed my heart to open to an ever-increasing awareness that there was “more” in existence than was visible to the human eye or audible to the human ear. This transition involved a shift from seeking outward for definition of Self to seeking inward to discover Self.

More transitions transpired including the reality that I was here for a reason. Indeed, this reality is a transitional phase waiting to happen. For me, it continues to unfold, as I repeatedly learn that my reason for being is both specific and multifaceted.

Humankind's creativity expressed through master craftsmanship...


In reference to The Center, my purpose is quite specific. I am here to bring the messages forward. These communiqués are an essential element of The Center’s purpose and are intended to facilitate peaceful transitioning throughout all walks of life. With this in mind, this website was created. What better means for presenting these messages than this instrument of connection.

The Center’s immediate goals include assisting participants in discovering his or her reason for being.  With humankind’s highest good as the intention, we hope to facilitate and nurture this expansion process through reading materials, creative artwork, educational programs, and energy work.

Long-range goals for The Center for Peaceful Transitions include the establishment of a Center for Peace and an Institute for Alternative Learning. Anything is possible and we begin by expressing a desire, an intention, and a commitment.

I am most happy to have crossed your path at this moment in time and wish you “Safe Journey” as you transition peacefully in your days ahead.


The most significant sign of knowing is lack of doubt. When a path of opportunity that is intended presents itself, there is no doubt. There is simply knowingness!


I sincerely hope you enjoy perusing our site. Presently, it is our primary means with which to provide received messages of inspiration, encouragement, support, and guidance. By utilizing the Internet, these messages will cross paths with those ready for another forward step in their seeking and evolving processes. Your assistance in spreading the word about this website will aid our efforts in bringing the Messengers’ messages forward.

Thank you for visiting and please come again.