What Are Your Gifts?

What Are Your Gifts?

May 2, 2022

“What are your gifts? How can they be used to directly assist the Earth? How can you use your gifts to inform and educate others about the Earth’s crisis? How can you inspire your fellow humans to open their hearts to the truth about Earth’s declining health? How can you welcome others to participate in healing the Earth? How can you demonstrate to others that every action of kindness has a positive reaction upon the Earth’s strained health? How can you share your thoughts with others regarding the impact of negative thoughts, words, and actions on self, others, and the Earth? How can you invite conversations about the effects of humankind’s ill will without instigating more ill will? How can you maintain courage and optimism when approaching others to address these complicated topics?

As you see, Dear Friends, the path to resolving the Earth’s health issues demands kindness, patience, and perseverance.”

Excerpt from: What Awaits Us…

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