What must it be like to exist, but not be seen?

What must it be like to exist, but not be seen?

March 25, 2020

“The glee demonstrated by our mysterious friend gave me a glimpse of what being invisible must be like. I felt for him. And I also felt for all those visible beings on our planet that are also not seen, not noticed. My thoughts took me to many places. What must it be like to exist, but not be seen? Plants and wildlife that are taken for granted! Sea creatures that are rarely noticed except on our dinner plates! Insects that are crushed beneath our feet without concern or remorse! And what of our own kind? Those who are marginalized in all the insidious ways in which this is done and ultimately treated as if they do not exist! What of those invisible ones?

            “My dear friend, your heart bleeds for the unseen. I am grateful that you mourn this most unfortunate circumstance, for it is most unpleasant to live as if you do not exist. Sadly, most who offend in this way are completely unaware of their offense. Their lack of awareness for others with whom they co-exist is one of the significant problems occurring on this beautiful planet. Suffice it to say, all life beings prefer to be noticed and respected.”

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