You are needed…

You are needed…

“My Friends, you are needed. Each of you will play a role in changing the energy of the Earth. Presently, the energy is defiled by the unkindness that spreads about the globe in a disease like fashion. This is not who the people of Earth are. This is not intended to be. The Children of Earth are people of goodness, and it is their goodness that will save the Earth. So little change is necessary. Simply be the people of goodness that you are created to be. Treat all others as you prefer to be treated. Act in love and kindness towards everyone you encounter.  Accept that every other being on this planet is made of the same pure energy that you presume you are created from, and know and accept that you are no more than any other, and no other is greater than you.    
All on this magnificent Life Being are equal, and all deserve to be and must be treated equally, lovingly, and respectfully. Until all are regarded equally, balance and safety will not return to the Earth. She cannot continue to live under these inharmonious conditions.”

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Communiques received from within are an essential element of The Center's purpose. Bringing these messages forward is intended to facilitate peaceful transitions throughout all walks of life. Please frequent our site for new additions.

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