You are where the beginning begins…

You are where the beginning begins…

June 22, 2020
“Old Friend, you are indeed familiar with this setting. You are where the beginning begins and where one returns when the ending is completed. This is Home, Old Friend. And you are correct; this setting is indescribably beautiful. Awareness of this location remains within All, and when one aches for that which is unknown, this is the origination of the ache. This is where new beginnings are discerned and plans are implemented. The special connection that one often feels within is related to the close ties that are created in this setting. Old Friend, this is where the heart begins to beat and the first breath is inhaled. This is the Home of the heart that calls to All who embark upon the journey that broadens and expands the individual’s evolutionary development. From this place, adventures are launched, and to this place, All return. Old Friend, you are here at a special request. Be assured, your journey has not ended. Your reason for being still demands your attention.
May I accompany you, my Friend, to those who wish to fulfill a commitment made to you long ago?”


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