Challenging Times

Challenging Times

January 16, 2017

This is a message for the seekers of the world who struggle to stand firmly in their beliefs and their intuitive knowing and who at times falter because of life circumstances. It is a message, which reveals the painful loneliness that sometimes surfaces when commitment to one’s calling is devout, even when clarity is not always fully comprehended. The communique is provided as validation for all who experience such cumbersome times, and serves as a reminder for each seeker who truly knows the answer to her or his momentary disillusionment. Dear Seeker, be not afraid as you read this message, for you are not alone!

“Challenging Times”

Once upon a time, an ancient traveler traveled far
and the surroundings in which he found himself, he was not satisfied.
He struggled for reasons he did not know,
his emotions carried him to places that were not of his making, and yet,
the time, the place, and the moment were his to accept.
The ancient traveler fell into confusion
and in the grips of these discomforting times,
the traveler plummeted into despair and preferred an option that was not to be.
The traveler pondered why and the traveler wondered how
and the traveler in a phase of discontentment
chose to leave the present setting for another.
The traveler requested relief and the traveler addressed the most high,
yet the answer to the request was one of an appeal, rather than consent.

“Please continue,” came the response. “You must!”

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